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Don’t just cover up with gritty powders and fragrance!


Effectively remove dirt and oil from your hair.

how to properly use eterniti for best results.

  • Start using ETERNITI on day 2 hair and continue to use daily until your next shampoo.


  • Waiting to use ETERNITI until day 3, 4 or 5 will not give you satisfactory results. ETERNITI is meant to lightly cleanse and purify to keep hair fresh in-between shampoo’s. ETERNITI is not a shampoo substitute!


  • Less is more! Start with a 1-2 light sprays along a part line. Your intended desire is not saturation, but rather a light mist to be massaged in. Using too much product will result in excess product residue and will not give you the results you desire.


  • For those who prefer extra texture, do not remove excess product as instructed.

Sort of a dry shampoo — sort of not!


ETERNITI Refresher Spray is a “new to the industry” concept that will have you rethinking your morning routine! Made with our plant-derived cleanser and non-drying, lavender alcohol, this powerhouse effectively removes dirt and oil from your scalp giving you a fresh new approach to day two, three, four or day 9 hair!

Think of it more as a waterless cleanse!

No grit — no harmful phthalates  — no aerosols

How else will you use eterniti?

  • scrunch in hair for sexy, beachy waves
  • spray in hair to add texture
  • rejuvenate day 2 curls
  • cocktail with UTILITI for curl definition in dry hair
  • texturize short hair
  • refresh after a work-out
  • neutralize odors in your workout clothes
  • cleanse & refresh your yoga mat
  • sanitize gym equipment after use
  • effective hand sanitizer
  • eliminate odors from coffee/sandwich shops
  • keep in diaper bag for sanitizing little hands
  • use as a room freshener
  • use as a facial cleanser/toner in a pinch
  • spray on your pillow before bed

Eterniti Hair & Scalp Refresher is a light, delightful blend of non-GMO, Certified Organic Lavender Alcohol and a gentle, sugar-derived cleansing agent; Coco-Glucoside.


Save your style a few days longer, refresh after a light workout, sanitize your yoga mat, travel light, create beachy waves, get rid of that pesky cowlick, or just have a lazy, ‘I don’t wan’t to do my hair, but want to feel fresh’ day — we’ve totally got you covered.

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