benefits AHNESTIbenefits AHNESTI
Plants That Know How To Perform

Nature knows what to do. It always adapts and survives — showing us it's resilient inner strength and it's captivating outer beauty.

We think replicating that is a smart thing to do.

supernatural haircare

Condition the hair. Strengthen and protect against heat damage.

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We use a technologically advanced and high-performance silicone replacement — Lexfeel™ — with clinically proven results to smooth and tame the hair without weighing it down.


Reduce breakage due to combing by 75% and make your mornings just a little bit easier to handle.

Holding power that you can still run your fingers through.

We eliminate toxic, crunchy plastics and sticky acrylates and instead utilize beneficial Beeswax and Tapioca Starch to create natural plant-powered hold that’s touchable, sexy and healthy.


Go ahead, sleep on it. Our formulas won’t leave your ‘day-two’ hair feeling like a hot mess.

Creating the perfect environment
for optimal hair health.

benefits AHNESTI

When hair is healthy, it retains color, reflects light and attracts just the perfect amount of moisture — not too much and not too little.


Additionally, Certified Organic ingredients have been shown to contain more vitamins, nutrients, minerals, EFA’s and antioxidants, than their non-organic counterparts, which only benefit the hair and scalp that much more. Shine, control, body and movement — nature delivers.

Don't let your color wash down the drain.

AHNESTI color protect

Our natural formulas eliminate the need for extra color-preserving synthetic ingredients or chemicals to increase shine  — our formulas  increase shine up to 25% more —  using our unique blend of Certified Organic botanicals and Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera, Xanthan Gum, and starch from the Tapioca plant are just a few 'green chemistry' advancements that create the perfect recipe for successful hair days.

AHNESTI sulphate free lather

We'll knock your socks off with our rich, creamy lather.

We use a blend of Decyl Glucoside and Coco Glucoside as our non-ionic surfactant and they are made from non-GMO corn and/or coconut oils and sugars. Truly sulfate-free, they effectively remove dirt and debris from hair and skin without stripping it of its natural moisturizing factors. And oh! the lather!


Did you know, that besides sulfates being quite harsh and stripping on the hair, they are also a formaldehyde producer? Many companies simply replace them with another form (or derivative of) — but we choose to eliminate them completely. Our formulas are gentle, non-abrasive and won’t strip out the hairs natural, beneficial oils.