EJ is 6 years old, needs kid safe products, and he loves AHNESTI!

kid safe shampoo

Meet EJ. He’s 6 years old! He has skin & food sensitivities and needs kid safe products — so we sent him AHNESTI.

For the first 3 years of EJ’s life he was itchy 24/7 and had a lingering cough at least once a month.  That’s when his parents found out that his body can’t handle fragrances, sulfates, gluten, dyes and citrus.  Yes, all that.  The itching, rashes, bumps & coughing were the body’s way of saying “something’s going on, enough is enough, we can’t handle all this!”

Mom was desperate; after the long ardent process of changing his dietary choices  she then noticed shampoos, lotions, bath bombs, bubble baths and even laundry detergents were quickly becoming a mountain of problems in their household too!  Like many kids his age, he was sensitive to chemicals and fragrance and her search for a ‘kid safe’ product was an overwhelming battle of false-advertising, ingredient research and—to EJ’s dread—trial-an-error.  “We’d try something that I thought was ‘kid safe’ for him and it would only make things worse. It became more and more frustrating”.

What do we mean by “kid safe”?  Think of little growing bodies as sponges, they readily absorb and assimilate what they eat and apply to their skin. Any type of overload to their system will cause their bodies to respond—and reject— because they haven’t built up defenses yet. With thousands of chemicals bombarding them daily it can be hard to narrow down any one culprit so we suggest starting with the basics.

  • Fragrance Free — Not to be confused with Unscented! Unscented products typically have fragrance added to mask other smells. Fragrance contains phthalates (plasticizers) and BPA with the word fragrance containing up to 400 different chemicals.
  • Phenoxythanol — A preservative that is an irritant to the skin, eyes and lungs.
  • Sulfates — The foaming agent in most shampoos and bubble baths that contain 1;4 Dioxane a Formaldehyde producer. Also a skin irritant.
  • Artificial Colors and Dyes —  Can be made from heavy metals and can cause skin sensitivity and irritation. 

Shampoo as a bubblebath?



EJ started using PURITI Shampoo as his bubble bath all on his own. His mom noticed as he was taking a bath on one occasion, that he had covered himself from head to toe with Puriti Shampoo giggling “this is how mom does it!”  He loved the amount of bubbles he got & that they stuck around for more than just a few splashes.  From then on he’d ‘suds-up’ head to toe with PURITI Shampoo and always makes a point to say “this is so cool that it’s a shampoo & I can wash my whole body too!”  Mom happily added, “this makes bathtime so much easier for him, he’s confident he’s not going to hurt when he’s done and he’s a little more independent now!”  Within weeks of using AHNESTI, his skin cleared up and he completely stopped itching.

When he was growing out his “hockey hair” this past winter, he added PURITI Conditioner to his routine.  It’s a weightless formula (not like he cares honestly) but mom loved that it didn’t weigh down the massive amount of hair he had grown.  EJ said that it was so nice because it didn’t make his hair “all snarly” after his bath like other products he’s had to use. Smart kid.



Too Busy For A Bath?

Some nights it’s just to tough to get in a bath… but there is ETERNITI Hair & Scalp Refresher!  A few sprays on a washcloth enabled EJ to just wipe down quickly without a full bath/shower and it didn’t irritate his skin.  Denatured Lavender Alcohol is naturally antibacterial, and the Marigold and Chamomile extracts are soothing and calming to his skin so it doesn’t dry out.  And mom says the the smell of fresh Lavender is fabulous!

Mom noticed a huge need for ETERNITI with EJ’s hockey bag stench & his stinky shoes!  “One spray and it took the stench out of the bag- it was great!”   That made her think even further, EJ was starting to get acne on his forehead from his helmet so now, after practice, they spray down his face & the inside of his helmet with ETERNITI, “One week of spraying everything down cured his acne from the helmet + sweat combo!” Good thinking mom!

Let’s be frank- this 6 year old kid has great hair.  “EJ gets so excited to ‘whip up’ his hair every morning before school even trying. AUTHORITI Whipped Paste has a medium-type hold and lasts all day -0 even with frequent touching. And mom adds, “I’m not worried about the products causing rashes or acne on his forehead because there’s nothing in them to irritate the skin! It’s just one last thing to think about with all his other sensitivities going on. I know he’s using safe products now.”    And EJ says that he loves the smell, too. Kid approved.
Kid safe hair products are just as important as kid-safe sunscreen, vitamins & helmets…as parents you do everything possible to protect your kids.

In the past EJ would have preferred to use the neon colored & cartoon-faced products over anything else, but now that he can feel the difference — and it was his own choice to try it— he’s hooked (no colors and cartoons needed!)  He even noticed that there was AHNESTI in the shower at the hotel while the family was on vacation- “THANK YOU, MOM!”

No, Thank YOU EJ!


**Update** Last night EJ used a bath bomb from LUSH that he had received as a gift. Excited to try this sparkly, blue, green, pink and magnificent looking fragrant bomb he doused himself in the tub with it. Lo and behold he turned a perfect shade of pink! Several hours later in the middle of the night he was complaining to his mom that his elbow itched. Then his back itched. Then his chin. So mom had to take him on a midnight shower run and cover him head to toe with AHNESTI Shampoo and wash it all away.

Sleep tight EJ, you’re safe now.