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Hindu boy names are popular, especially the ones beginning with the letter S. The name carries many meanings, such as pious, virtuous, and a man of good nature. The name Sachish, for example, refers to Lord Indra, the Hindu God of rivers, rain, and storms. Other popular Hindu names include Shilish, which means mountain lord, and Safal, which means success.

Aamir has positive connotations as the name of a ruler or prince. Arnesh, which means ‘Lord of the Sea,’ has a similar meaning and is heavily involved in Hindu astrology. Similarly, Deepak is a popular name, popularized by motivational author Deepak Chopra. Deepak means “source of light” in Sanskrit. It is a popular choice among Indian parents.

Other names that mean “love” or “affection” are Pranay. Pranay and Pratik have religious associations. Purnit refers to the god Krishna. Other names with religious connotations include Rasta, which means “love god.” The name Gana is also considered a classic Hindu boy name. However, it is less common than other Hindu boy names. You can choose one of these names for your child.

There are many Hindu boy names to choose from, and they’re available with full details. For example, you can choose one that represents the birth of a Hindu child, or you can pick one with an auspicious origin. Many Hindu boy names are also derived from Indian native languages, including Hindi. You can also find names that represent the birthstone of the child, if you wish. So, you don’t have to choose a traditional name for your little prince.

Some Hindu boy names have spiritual connotations, and are associated with gods. Names that convey a sense of the divine can be particularly beautiful and unique. Names that represent a boy’s personality can range from a pious and virtuous to a royal name that has a religious connection. If your son is born into a Rajput family, a name like Yuvraj is often the best choice.

Another popular name from the Indian subcontinent is Hrithik. Ajay is of Indian origin and means “victory”. This name is also associated with popular Bollywood actors, including Hrithik Roshan. Alternatively, you can choose a more modern Indian name like Kiaan, which means “success”. Another famous Indian boy name, Kiaan, is the son of the legendary singer Kiaan Nasiri. Other popular Indian names include Kanishk, which means “old king.”

Some popular Hindu boy names for boys include Aahan, which means “dawn.” Aakesh, a modern version of Aakash, signifies “sky,” and Kanan means “forest.” The latter name, which evokes a heavenly image, is a popular modern alternative to the classic Aakash. Besides Aahan, Aakil, Aanan, and Abhik are all names that have a religious connotation.

The meaning of a Hindu baby boy name can be found by clicking on it. You can browse Hindu baby boy names alphabetically, or sort them using various filters. Once you’ve chosen a Hindu boy’s name, you can read the meaning behind the name by clicking on it. Many modern Hindu names have meanings, and some are even reinterpreted as “secular” or “ecclesiastic” or “Christian”, so you’ll be able to choose the perfect one for your child.