Shampoo Love — Lorri Weisen

Have you ever found yourself in love with something but torn by your values? That’s what happened to me when I found myself at a crossroads with my career and my personal life.


I owned and operated a 10 station hair salon while at the same time I was the primary caregiver for my husband who was battling an environmental cancer for the second time — and not shortly after—his third and final time. That’s when the lightening bolt hit.


How often do you think about it—really, I mean, who truly gets passionate about shampoo? You just want your hair to look great, right?


You wake up, you shower, you shampoo, and you get on with your day. But while you’re lathering up and scrubbing yourself clean in the shower, do you ever think about what’s really soaking into your pores? Or spinning down the drain into the environment? Do you ever think about the effect on your future?


Sadly, the answer is no. Until you have a health crisis. Then you think about it a lot.


And I mean A LOT.

I’m Lorri Weisen, and I’m the CEO and Founder of AHNESTI Haircare and I’m passionate about health and wellness—and hair. I closed my salon in 2012 after learning about the plethora of chemicals in hair care products because I wanted to create an opportunity for people to have beautiful hair without any additional toxic exposure to their bodies or the environment.


My inspiration is twofold; I want you to live a healthy life by providing you the cleanest, safest, most beautiful hair care formulas on the planet and I want you to look fabulous in the process.


It’s quite simple really.


You deserve to be safe. Your deserve to be healthy. And you deserve to look beautiful.